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Protect Your Energy Rates!

We are reaching out to encourage you to send in your electric bills for review in anticipation of the upcoming increase in rates. Based on recent auctions that have cleared across Ohio, the default rates for customers that have not shopped the market, the Price-to-Compare (PTC) rates, are predicted to rise in June of 2023 to an average of over 11 cents/kWh.

As a leading voice and trusted partner for the business community, the Brown County Chamber of Commerce has in place an established energy cost-saving program - the Chamber Energy Program. This trusted program is administered by Community Energy Advisors and is being offered by over 180 chambers across the state of Ohio.

 We are currently recommending that you take advantage of our complimentary bill review to protect from rising electricity costs. Simply attach a recent copy of your electric bill with the request form on the back, and return both to Please note that savings are not guaranteed, and actual savings will vary, but we will work to give you the available options to potentially lower your bill! If you have any questions, please call the Chamber Energy Program at 330-409-7892.