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I68 Ministries

I68 Ministries

Community & Civic Organizations

About Us

Our vision is for I68 to become a ''training facility'' to help disciple people, a ''hospital'' for spiritual healing, a ministry of outreach, a culture focused on care and aftercare, and to be a people of God with prayer as our core function. Through this, we intend to see communities awakened and restored. We hope to create a model that can be replicated in other communities. This is how we continue the work started in the book of Acts, by prayer and partnering with Him in the work He is already doing. This rebuilding of communities and taking back of territories, for the Kingdom of God, will fan the flames of revival in our hearts and will spread like a firestorm.
We are to establish the culture of Heaven on earth, through partnering with God in the work He is already doing, by the power given to us by the Holy Spirit, for King Jesus.