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Bio Gene



About Us

At BioGene®, we believe we are more than just a number to a global chemical seed company. With so many choices in the seed industry, we recognize it’s difficult for growers to sort through it all and make the right choices. Everyone touts performance. Most have products with similar names. Others try to turn your attention toward giveaways and gimmicks. At times it probably all seems like just a bunch of, well, you know.

At BioGene®, we understand the confusion in the marketplace that farmers face today. From constantly changing genetics and traits, to once truly independent seed companies now selling someone else’s brand instead of their own. At BioGene®, we believe in our products’ ability to perform…that’s why we put OUR name on every unit of seed that we sell. BioGene®, will continue to

Deliver…Dominating Performance and Increased On-Farm Profit for our customers.