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T&T Clearing LLC

T&T Clearing LLC

About Us

We are a new business but with years of experience.

I have been in construction for most of my adult life and farming with my family my whole life. My wife and I are both hard workers and decided to start our own business. Working on the farm lead me to this decision. I started to figure up how many acres we were losing just around the edges of our fields. It got me thinking that we pay for land that we cannot use. Then I was thinking of people who might buy land and cannot enjoy it. So we bought a large track loader with a brush cutter. It will cut and mulch up to 8'' trees. The nice thing about this clearing option is that you do not dig or have giant piles of brush and trees left behind. I can dig out trees if you need them and haul out, mulch the tops and we can figure out what to do with the stumps. I'm open to any ideas you have and if I cannot help you then I know people who can. I do free estimates. Remember it's your land so take it back and enjoy it or let it make you money.


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